It's All Part of the Dance
It's All Part of the Dance

Uncover the wisdom to move gracefully
through life while dealing with the
many day-to-day challenges we face.

Alan Gettis, Ph.D., is the author of the Award winning The Happiness Solution. Well here's more of the solution. It's All Part of the Dance will help you:

  • feel happier and be more relaxed
  • improve your relationships and enhance the quality of your life
  • feel encouraged and be more resilient
  • find purpose and meaning and move gracefully through life

"Through many first-hand experiences and insightful stories, Dr. Gettis gently shows us that by changing the lens to our perspective, the quality of our lives can improve dramatically. A delightful read and an abundance of easy-to-use, take-away nuggets to last a lifetime!" - This is what Emme, author, women's advocate TV personality and pioneering supermodel says of Alan Gettis' latest book.

A remarkable guide to living a happier and more
fulfilling life. I loved it.

Harvey McKinnon, bestselling author of The Power of Giving

It’s All Part of the Dance was honored as an award-winning finalist at the 2009 National Best Books Awards sponsored by USA Book News. It was also selected as one of the top two self-help books of the year, receiving a 2009 Premier Book Award.

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