It's All Part of the Dance
It's All Part of the Dance

Praise For
It’s All Part of the Dance:
Finding Happiness In An Upside Down World

by Alan Gettis, Ph.D.

As people struggle with the day-to-day challenges in their lives, It's All Part of the Dance stands as a magnificent beacon of hope, showing the world how to be resilient. Through a combination of gentle encouragement, heart warming stories, profound wisdom and delicious humor, Dr. Gettis empowers the reader to look beyond the veil of adversity and see the gift that is held in every moment. A must read for everyone.

~Debbie Milam,
Founder of the Best You Can Be Foundation and
syndicated columnist for United Press International

“In life, as on the dance floor, it takes a great deal of skill to move in tune with the music, no matter what is playing. With wonderful bits of wisdom, this easy-to-read, easy-to-digest book provides all the skills you need to move gracefully through life.”

~ Allen Klein,
Best selling author of The Healing Power of Humor and The Courage to Laugh

“Full of insight and passion, It’s All Part of the Dance is a great gift to each of us. It is a remarkable guide to living a happier and more fulfilling life. I loved it. Dr. Gettis has an engaging writing style that is both entertaining and enlightening. You’ll be grateful that you treated yourself to this book. Buy two copies and give one to a friend. You’ll be happy you did.”

~ Harvey McKinnon,
Best selling author of The Power of Giving: How Giving Back Enriches Us All

“Fasten your seatbelt as Dr. Alan Gettis fearlessly takes the reader into his own intimate and personal world of chaos, pathos, awe, and awakening. Weaving the myriad threads of a lifetime of self-exploration, It’s All Part of the Dance offers a simple, elegant, thoroughly enjoyable tour-de-force for finding true and lasting joy, purpose and meaning. Regardless of your life circumstance, you quickly begin to recognize that you and me and Dr. Gettis – we’re all part of a dance…the very same dance! Read this book – I guarantee you’ll finally begin to hear life’s music.”

~ Joseph J. Luciani, Ph.D.,
Best selling author of Reconnecting: A Self- Coaching Solution to Revive Your Love Life

“I only have 3 words to describe Alan Gettis’s book and they are WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I could not put the book down. On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give this book a 20. It is a must read for anyone who wants to find true happiness.”

~ Michael Monji,
Author of Does It Pay to Die?

“I challenge you to find a more comprehensive, well-organized volume of parables and inspiring stories on the art of living well than this one. In It’s All Part of the Dance, Alan Gettis shows us how to find happiness in an upside down world. He really gets it. Not only does he get it, he eloquently illustrates how you can too. This book works on many levels. There is nothing esoteric or pedantic about it. Reading like a novel, it is easy to become engrossed in the stories – yet each page reveals part of the secret of true happiness. Sometimes it is obvious, at other times more subtle. Do yourself a favor; read it once as quickly as you wish, then go back and spend time going through it slowly, savoring it and allowing your mind to absorb the essence of each story. Chock-full of concepts and ideas that you can use in your life today, It’s All Part of the Dance: Finding Happiness in an Upside Down World gets my highest recommendation. Get the book and you too can ‘get it’ in this upside down world!”

~ David Ambrose,
Author of Your Life Manual: Practical Steps to Genuine Happiness

It’s All Part of the Dance focuses on changing our individual perspective of all that surrounds us in our personal world and how we respond to it in order to become happier in life. Dr. Gettis guides readers through a wonderful journey of self-discovery by using personal stories, humor, quotes, and powerful insights. It’s impossible to come away from this book without changing at least one negative perspective in your life. This is a must read for everyone in today’s ever changing world.”

~ Jennifer Chase,
Criminologist and author of Compulsion

“Whether you are beginning on the path to enlightenment or closing in on your goal, this book will be important to you. Have you ever had a dream about being able to fly? Remember the exhilaration you felt? It’s All Part of the Dance aims to show you how to live in that constant state throughout your life. Highly recommended!”

~ Donald A. Wilhelm,
Author of This Time’s a Charm: Lessons of a Four- Time Cancer Survivor

“In It’s All Part of the Dance, Alan Gettis shows you that genuine happiness is only a stone’s throw away. He teaches you how to get out of your own way and harness the unlimited potential of your mind and of the human spirit. Paradoxically, the book is both simple and profound as it weaves anecdotes, research, storytelling, science and spirituality. The bottom line for me is that this book will make a real difference in how you feel and how you live your life. Highly recommended.”

~ Dr. Sam Menahem,
Author of When Therapy Isn’t Enough: The Healing Powers of Prayer and Psychotherapy

“While putting the responsibility for being happy squarely upon your shoulders, Dr. Gettis asks, ‘Would you really want it any other way?’ When the light bulb comes on and you really get it – that you are the problem and that you are the solution – it is empowering and liberating. It’s All Part of the Dance is packed with rich insights and accessible wisdom that provide a road map to living the fulfilled life. Very highly recommended!”

~ Dr. Aymee Coget,
Sustainable Happiness Expert and CEO of the American Happiness Association

"Through many first-hand experiences and insightful stories, Dr. Gettis gently shows us that by changing the lens to our perspective, the quality of our lives can improve dramatically. A delightful read and an abundance of easy-to-use, take-away nuggets to last a lifetime!"

- Emme,
Author, women's advocate TV personality and pioneering supermodel

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